Saturday, February 9, 2008

Great day followed by worst day

Well its been a while since i posted Im going to try and get back into it heres a recap of some things that have happened since i last posted. Firstly two of my closest friends moved away to pursue there careers and i miss them a lot. Secondly I am now registered and insured as a personal trainer and am currently looking for a job. Thirdly i turned 21 on the the 27th of January and lastly as a present to myself i got a tattoo 5 days after my birthday. well the big event that happened last night was my graduation as an executive master trainer and it was a great night where i got to see some of the people i did the course with again after along time and hear all about what there up to so it was a great night and i had lots of yummy food. Unfortunately though today has been pretty much one of the worst days of my life where I've come to realise a lot of stuff about myself and my life and i really don't like what ive found out. As well as that I've had people who i considered as friends tell me things about the relationship that we had which was a total shock to me and threw my world upside down when i finally thought everything was starting to settle down and look happy but as usual i was wrong about that seems i cant have a normal happy life. Well thats all for today.

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