Friday, November 30, 2007

Sorry guys for not posting last couple of days

Hey everyone im sorry everyone i know i promised ill post everyday and on wednesday i broke that promise and to make it even worse i didnt post on thursday either. I am now going to explain why i did it and no it wasnt that i forgot and what i am about to say is in no way an excuse to why i didnt do it im just filling u in on my state of mind over last few days if u want an excuse its because of me. Well basically during the day on wednesday my self confidence (or esteem i can never remember which is which) was absolutely shattered (and yes I am man enough to admit the next part) i cried. And then since that day other things have happened which im not going to go into detail about right now but just had me feeling like nothing was going right or anything so the last thing on my mind was getting oto a computer and to blog. I would like to say that im 100% better now but im not still thoughts swirling around in my head but needless to say im nowhere near where i was on wednesday or thursday. Anyway on a lighter note tommorow is the day where i go into AIF (god its almost been a whole week since ive been there wierd) and hand in all my assignments and books from all fittness components through to exective and they can start organiseing my qualifications so that im qualified YAY ME. Ok well im still looking for funnys and todays is again another one from George W. Bush and here it is.

"We cannot let terrorists and rogue nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile." -- George W. Bush

Well thats all for today Ill let you all know tommorow how my handing in goes untill then sweet dreams.

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